Home Delivery Terms & Conditions

Home Delivery Terms

As part of our commitment to providing excellent service, we are now offering direct home delivery of Calypso and Veldeau products to end consumers at the request of our retail partners. To ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process, we require our retailers to agree to the following terms:

Delivery Charges and Condition

  1. Delivery Charge: £55 + VAT per delivery.
  2. Delivery Method: All deliveries will be kerbside only.
  3. Access Requirements: Residential areas must allow access for a large rigid lorry.
  4. Assistance: All kerbside deliveries will be made by one driver. Therefore, someone aged 18 or older, capable of bringing the items into the property, must be present at the delivery location.
  5. Delivery Scheduling: It is important when ordering and booking installations or trades people that sufficient time is allowed between the delivery date and the installation date. This is for the checking of goods and, if required, the re-delivery of any rejected or damaged items. Woodstock accepts no responsibility for fees or charges imposed by third parties as a result of delays.
  6. Goods Inspection: Goods must be checked on delivery. Any visible damage should be reported to the driver and any other damages must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

Delivery Attempts and Charges

  1. Initial Attempts: We will make two delivery attempts to the address stated at the time of order included in the initial charge.
  2. Additional Attempts: If delivery cannot be made after two attempts, an additional charge of £55+VAT will apply for each subsequent delivery attempt.

Changes and Cancellations

  1. Notice for Changes: If a change of delivery date is required, we require notice before 3pm the day before delivery is scheduled. If changes are made to delivery details after goods have been despatched, a charge of 10% of the order value will be applied.

Returns and Restocking

  1. Restocking Fees: A standard restocking fee of 25% of the item value will apply for all returns

Required Information from Retailers

  1. Recipient Details:Name of the person who will be present to take delivery.
    At least one mobile telephone number of the recipient, which will be used to send text message delivery notifications. We may also call this number to confirm locations, access, or other delivery details.
    Email address of the recipient.
  2. Delivery Slot Notification:The recipient will receive a text in the morning to confirm a delivery slot. We may also call this number to notify when we are en route or to ask questions about the location or access.
  3. Access Information:Any height, width, or weight restrictions that may affect our ability to deliver to the address.
    Any parking restrictions.
    Any vehicle restrictions (e.g., local authority, narrow roads, etc.).
    Any other delivery requirements or requests.

Delivery Notifications and Tracking

  1. Contact Details: The contact details provided will receive delivery notifications, tracking links, and proof of delivery information.
  2. Tracking Links: Tracking links will be sent via email and mobile to the contact details provided.
  3. Delivery Hours: Deliveries will be made between 7 am and 6 pm. An approximate three-hour delivery slot will be provided on the day of delivery.

Additional Delivery Requirements

  1. Surface Requirements: We need solid, flat surfaces to facilitate safe delivery. We cannot deliver pallets on steep inclines.
  2. Kerbside Delivery: Kerbside delivery will be made as close to the property as possible.
  3. Packaging Disposal: Packaging disposal is the responsibility of the recipient.

Delivery Vehicles

  1. Delivery by Woodstock Trading Co.: All orders are delivered by our expertly trained drivers who know exactly how to handle your goods on one of Woodstock Trading Co. vans whenever possible.
  2. External Couriers: When we cannot make the trip ourselves, your order will be delivered by one of our carefully selected external couriers.

Postcode Exceptions

The following postcodes are excluded from home delivery:

  • GY
  • JE
  • IM
  • ZE
  • BT
  • PO
  • HS
  • KW
  • IV (except IV1 & IV30)
  • PA (except PA1 & PA15)

Agreement Notice

By agreeing to these terms, retailers ensure a streamlined delivery process and help us maintain a high standard of service for your end consumers.

Please review these terms carefully and provide the necessary information for each delivery to avoid any delays or additional charges.

Thank you for your cooperation.