Success Story – Christina Bishop

In the second of our series of Woodstock Success stories, we spoke to Christina Bishop, our Customer Success Team leader about her experience of Woodstock, and how the company has supported her professional development. As Team Leader of our Customer Success Team, Christina supports the Customer Success Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the team, ensuring calls are answered quickly, orders are compatibility checked, and emails are responded to promptly.  

Can you share a bit about your background and how you started with the company and how has your role evolved since then? 

Before working at Woodstock, I had quite a varied work history which included being a Driving Instructor, a Support Worker, and a Police Officer. I started at Woodstock in June 2021 as a Customer Success Assistant. In August 2022 I became Customer Success Team Leader.

In what ways has the company supported your professional development and growth? 

Woodstock has supported my professional development by giving me the opportunity to participate in the Team Leader/Supervisor course with Riverside Training. This course is ongoing and has helped me assess different ways of building a strong team along with tools and techniques to apply to my daily role.

How would you describe the Woodstock culture and its role in your success? 

Woodstock is a lovely place to work, and I have always felt supported in both roles I have been in. The Customer Success team is made up of people that support each other and make work a great place to be.

How does Woodstock recognise and appreciate the efforts of its employees? 

Woodstock recognise and show appreciation to its employees which is something I have not always experienced in previous jobs. There is a platform that is accessible to anyone in the business, and this can be used to ‘shout out’ or ‘recognise’ when someone has gone above and beyond or even just to let them know, their work is appreciated.

What advice would you give to your colleagues or others aspiring for success? 

Hard work is recognised at Woodstock and the more effort you make, the more chance of success you have.

Why settle when you can be part of something extraordinary?

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